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James Malinchak's The Leading Reason Speakers Should Keep Control Of Their Schedules

There are way too many times I hear speakers who state they feel forced in to a position to say yes. They say yes to a boot camp at a geographical venue where they are not even interested in speaking. You're probably wondering what compels them to take on a project in a city or location where they are not even interested in speaking. For these speakers, the compelling reason they succumb to undue pressure from a few would-be fans is the comments these people make regarding future attendance to boot camps. These potential fans and followers say things like, “Man, I'd love to come to your seminar when you do one on the East Coast.” With the potential of interested clientele, a speaker is likely to make the decision to do the boot camp without financial obligation and without personal conviction to speak there at the event.

Making the financial decision about holding a boot camp in a place based on attendance promises of interested parties when you're not even interested in being in that particular city is a sacrifice not worth the risk. Personally, if I were to cave to the pressure, I'd have had a boot camp on the East Coast years ago because people ask me all the time. These would-be fans make conditional comments making use of the promise of attendance if I host a boot camp in their location. Well, I know better than to be high jacked from my preferred locations based on supposed promises to attend.

Frankly, it comes to personal choice and self-confidence to stand up for your own decisions. I'm suggesting you don't let other people control your schedule, particularly people who are already not invested in you or your programs. Be reasonable, people always say what they want and what they ‘think’ they'll do, however, promised interest and actual attendance could be easily tracked. Honestly, you'll likely be disappointed each time. You are the only one who can determine your boot camp schedule and location, therefore, hold true to your own interests.

When people pressure me, I say in response, “Well, you're going to be waiting a long time.” The reason I do not want to speak on the East Coast has nothing to do with the East Coast. The reason is simple. Simply put, I do not want to have to ship my team and all my stuff clear across the country. I don't want the worry and undue stress of the move. Furthermore, if I make that decision I'm letting the business run me rather than me running the business around my chosen and preferred lifestyle. You have to make the choice to be true to yourself.

If I conform to what other people want for my business, I might as well give them a title and a paycheck because they are running my business! That is not to say I would not consider having a boot camp elsewhere if I wanted to have a boot camp cross country. That's not to say if I stood to make a huge profit and increase my customer base that I wouldn't consider it. I'm saying that whatever the reason, for my lifestyle and my own personal reasons, my time and boot camp locations are based on what I have decided. I control my business and my schedule, and for now I've got no interest in holding my boot camps anywhere but the West Coast. At this time, I am not interested in the move with the entire boot camp. I reason, if they're true fans and if they seek my wisdom, they could come up with the investment for a measly plane ticket.

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